Rabu, 24 Juli 2013

Android Tips for Ice Cream Sandwich and Above

you certainly will be amazed that the way a few easy tricks can render you by having higher knowledge and enhance experience along with your android. android is an open supply which has a responsive ui any android user can agree of this reality. however it appears like there a lot of than'>isn't simply what meets the eye. there are a few hidden handy features and shortcuts that you'll be able to apply on your own own android device. learning to firmly higher use your android can enable in creating things simpler and obtaining most out of your new toy. keyboard shortcuts typically whereas constructing a message or replying to 1 you could ought to switch amongst the alphabet and numeric keyboard. this virtually appears tiring, a straightforward manner there is to do thus is holding the (. ) key to firmly create a straightforward and quick switch. the punctuation marks and numeric can seem instantly. additionally for getting rid of constant tapping on your own own virtual keyboard tap while not lifting your finger. there exists a pre-loaded functionality in android that enables swiping in the keys, the instant you carry your finger the word ends. if you would like to examine how the swipe functionality works then type while not lifting fingers then tap and hold area bar which will reveal the input technique screen from there you'll be able to select swipe. best touchscreen phones with keyboards enabling face unlock unlocking the android screen means that having to firmly trace a selected pattern to firmly access the menu. the new mode of unlocking your phone is holding the phone in front of those face and staring straight into the front mounted camera. this can unlock your phone. this functionality might well be enabled by applying the steps settingssecurity screen lockchoose face unlock. however solely for precaution, it's higher to firmly produce a pin for backup or possibly a specific tracing pattern for instances when this feature isn't ready to respond. taking screen shots you'll be able to simply capture a screen that you're nowadays viewing. this may be created by pressing the facility and volume button simultaneously. this manner the screen is captured and of course the screen shot is saved within the gallery along with the notifications which will be accessed via pull down menu located by the screen prime. organize screens the screen presentation of consists of numerous widgets and app icons and widgets which can be found neatly displayed on a little more than one home screens. if you would like to firmly access a selected app then want to'>it is important for you to swipe through every home screen then tap to firmly rearrange the order. however there exists a less time consuming method of working, hold the home button and jump directly. contacts if you really are wondering that the only real secret to access contacts is to firmly launch the contact list then want to'>it is important for you to know a lot of. the straightforward method of working is to firmly pin the faces of those contacts to firmly home screen. all appswidgetscontact widget select the name from contact list. currently the chosen contact is pinned to firmly your apartment screen, you'll be able to decision, text or chat in the contact instantly. additionally setting up a favorite contacts widget can facilitate embody a little more than one person within the list as being pinned on home screen. making auto-update receiving notifications is sensible however being distracted with update notices is annoying. additionally manual update isn't doable, thus it's higher to make an auto-update whenever the updates are out there. you'll be able to additionally produce a specified update, for instance, produce update for wi-fi just. google play storesettingsauto-update apps obviously wi-fi option syncing if you really contain an account on google+ then it may is relatively easier to firmly synchronize and upload your pictures. additionally storing captured images and videos on your own own google+ account folder is an added advantage that you may get together with it. log into google+ accountsettingsinstant upload. web browsing created easy along with your android device you'll be able to simply browse web via chrome, this may be created by menuother devicestap on website. another sensible trick is to firmly browse chrome via incognito mode to firmly avoid accumulating history, menuincognito tab. currently all that you surf through this window won't store the content as well as url history within the history folder. taking backup upgrading from one android device to firmly another means that taking a information backup of those recent device on your own own new phone. however by following a few small steps you certainly will be able to bring a backup, settingsprivacy settings ( android 2 version ) or settings backup and reset ( android 4- 5 ) check that choice of backup my information, the backup can initiate.